cookie recipe

to start, i’m not the most passionate baker. i love to cook! i find when i bake, i’ll eat one of whatever i make, when it’s fresh, then end up never getting through the rest (not that they taste bad, i just have it in my head that nothing compares to freshly bake treats right out of the oven!). i’m a huge snacker and find i gravitate towards veggies and hummus or chips and guac… but when it comes to sweet treats cookies and ice cream are my go-to!

i recently had a surplus of bananas, i remember erica making cookies using bananas awhile back! i figured, rather than throwing them out, i’d try to bake some cookies! i looked up quite a few recipes for inspiration and looked for similarities between them all! i bake very much like how i cook… take an idea, look up a few recipes, find similarities, and make it my own!

most banana cookie recipes called for bananas and oats… simple enough! for every banana, add 1 cup oats!

i like my cookies to have a bit of texture and be sweet yet salty! i made simple batch adding a few ingredients: almond butter, goji berries, pumpkin seeds, giddy yo-yo raw organic raspberry chocolate chunks, cinnamon, and sea salt!

the cookies i made have a muffin-like texture with a soft centre and crunchy-like outside! i figured i share my recipe with you, i find there a great on-to-go morning snack and easy to grab and bring to work, to have throughout the day (they’re also a fan favourite amongst my family)!



2 large bananas

2 cups oats

2 tbsp almond butter

1 handful goji berries

1 handful pumpkin seeds

4 squares chopped giddy yo-yo raw organic raspberry chocolate chunks

1 tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp sea salt


preheat oven to 350 degrees

peel and mush bananas into a mixing bowl with a fork

add oats to mushed banana

add all other (or desired) ingredients

use a spoon to created blobs of dough on a cookie sheet, and press the dough to create a round cookie (leave about 1 cm thickness)

once oven is heated set cookies in the oven and time for 15 minutes!