hamilton day trip

today mel, vicky and i went on a spontaneous trip out to hamilton for the day! we left the city just before 11 am. our first stop of the trip… coffee! we grabbed hot drinks at a cafe called detour, located in dundas!


if you happen to be in dundas, in search of a good coffee or brunch spot, i highly recommend checking out detour cafe! …our next stop, salty espresso for brunch!


when we were deciding where to go for coffee and brunch i mentioned both spots, so we decided to grab coffee + treats at one and have brunch at the other (then mel and vicky had the chance of trying both)!

we then made our way to tew falls! there was rain in the forecast, but we figured as long as we get our hike in before 3 pm we’d be okay. it was a bit windy but we made sure to dress appropriately (mel with her 4 layers: shirt, sweater, puffer, and jean jacket!).


our plan was to get to dundas peak… we managed to see 2 waterfalls instead! at least the rain held off so we stayed dry on our adventure!


right after we got in the car the rain started, good planning on our part! i would love to do this hike again in the summer (and potentially make it to the peak, haha!).

it was so nice to take the morning before work to get out of the city and go on a little adventure!