time to celebrate

z and i have some big and exciting things going on and to celebrate we went to planta on queen!

z wrote her last official exam of her undergrad degree at u of t on friday. she is also starting a new job this week, can you guess for what company?… aritzia!! i couldn’t be more excited for her, to have her be a part of a company that i have felt so blessed to be a part of! i know she’s really going to grow so much personally and professionally!

as for me, i recently got promoted to floor manager (fm) at wilfred! i’m so thankful to have a team so invested in my development. my journey with wilfred, aritzia has been full of wins and opps (opportunities), it has made me believe in myself and really see myself as a manager! i can’t wait to see where i go from here… once i get the hang and excel in my current role (haha), it does take time but i’m on my way to something big - i can feel it!

i love that z and i make sure we take the time to celebrate these big moments in our lives, it’s really special to have those relationships! the day i was promoted and signed my contract for my new role i met erica, colin and smith for dinner! it’s important to take the time to pause and look back at how far you’ve come and celebrate where you’re going!

now to talk about our planta on queen celebration/experience…

planta on queen is the 2nd outpost of planta, located in yorkville. with lantern-like lighting fixtures, dragon motifs, custom wallpaper (designed by candice kaye) and fake japanese maples add to the restaurant asian-inspired feel and menu offerings.

the menu is comprised of smaller, refined shareables, as per planta’s usual style. z and i decided to get 3 dishes to share!


we ordered the dan dan noodle dish: hakka noodles, gai lan, pickles, coconut milk, and kamut. everyt dish we tried was delicious and full of flavour, but this dish was our favourite! the dan dan noodles had a slight kick to it and the coconut milk made it nice and creamy! it was well-portioned for 2!


we ordered the pineapple fried rice: curry cashew, goji berries, thai basil. the mint, pineapple and goji berries made this dish refreshing and the cashews added a nice crunch!


our third dish was the spicy tuna roll: ahi watermelon, tempura, spicy aïoli, pickled watermelon. to quote z, “you don’t even miss the fish in these rolls.” coming from a girl who loves her spicy sushi… you know these rolls are good! the watermelon made this dish taste light and refreshing!


we both left planta on queen with happy hearts and happy stomachs - satisfied in the best way!