easter sunday + bluestone lane

happy easter sunday!

this morning i met z at church for 2nd service. today being easter, we had our “multi-media true crime event,” a true story! this production was set 3 days after jesus’s crucifixion, to summarize: the body of notorious religious figure jesus of nazareth mysteriously disappeared. a perplexing question quickly spread across jerusalem and the world: where did it go? the production was a great balance of action and video clips of jesus’s followers, and witnesses being questioned. i enjoyed watching and being a part of the production, i thought it was such a creative way to tell the story of jesus’s resurrection!

at the beginning of the week, i sent z an article written about bluestone lane (aussie-style, ny cafe/coffee shop) opening their 1st toronto location! they offer enjoy aussie premium coffee, wellness drinks, signature bl cold-pressed juices and organic teas. for food, they have healthy and delicious food, including their signature avo toast, as well as other toasts, seasonal bowls, open-faced sandwiches and some baked goods.

we decided to go after church! we were happy they’re opened today, so we could check it out!


z ordered their banana toast: fresh banana sliced on toasted multigrain bread w/ almond butter, cinnamon & honey. i ordered the (surprise, surprise!) avo toast: classic avocado smash seasoned w/ fresh lemon juice, salt & pepper, chili flakes & olive oil on toasted multigrain bread! i was interested in ordering one of their bowls but they didn’t have one with real vegan options or substitutions!

the toast was really yummy, i wouldn’t say it was mind blowing but i really enjoyed the balance of flavour (with the chili flakes and lemon)!


it was nice to take the afternoon to catch up with z! bluestone had a very bright and open space, great place to hang and spend the afternoon! we found a cozy bench spot close the window! z and i agree this will be a great place to grab a drink and hang during the summer, once it gets warmer!


z and i both brought our cameras, i’ve been trying to carry mine around with me more - i forgot how much i love to take pictures - stay tuned for more pictures and posts coming your way!

anyways, happy easter! i hope the easter bunny was good to you all xo!