tax season!

i used to find doing my taxes scary and overwhelming… honestly anything to do with the government or the law i find to be daunting and overwhelming! by used to i mean until last year!

up until last year i would send all my information (t4, tuition cost, rent amount, etc.) to my aunt and she would file my taxes for me, it was as easy as that! i never understood how the information she gathered from me computed a return or charge, or how taxes were caculated in general (i know if i purchase something i’m usually paying some form of tax on top of the price, like hst which is 13% here in ontario)… truthfully i was just happy knowing i was going to recieve a check from the government with my tax return!

last year i decided to do my taxes myself because i wanted to understand the information that needed to be input! i used a online tool called simpletax!

it’s a pay-what-you-want tool, if you’re someone who’s doing your taxes for the first time or are looking for an easy and effective way to file your taxes i highly recommend using simpletax! the system is easy to use, has a step-by-step process guide, smart search option, refund optomizer (cha-ching), and is connected to the cra (it has an auto-fill option to pull your information directly from the cra - i found this so comforting). it's easy, accurate, and makes doing your taxes seem a lot less daunting - for me at least… i mean not only am i filing my own taxes this year but i am also filling my parents taxes as well!

to comfort you, i know using an online tool can seem risky, and the words “risky” and “government” together just seem like an mistake in the making… with simpletax they guarantee their calculations are 100% accurate and if you pay a penalty or interest because of their error they’ll reimburse you! and simpletax is certified by the cra and revenu québec, they go through thousands of tests every year to ensure accuracy.

before using simpletax i suggest to create an online account with the cra to allow simpletax to access your information and make use of the auto-fill option! when on the cra login site, under option 2 select register (it takes less than 5 minutes to sign up online and about 5-10 days to recieve your authentication code in the mail to gain full access to your information!).

if you read this an decide to give simpletax a try, please let me know! this is my second time and i really happy with the service they offer - and i actually enjoy using it so i get my mother, father, and my taxes done ahead of time!