village juice saves

since village juicery has opened a location in square one’s shop food district, i’ve been visiting the mall more than usual! with my weeks being a bit busier with work, training and working to still maintain a social life - i’ve had a bit less time to meal prep and clean up!

luckily village juice has this amazing lunch time special, all salads and sandwiches are 1/2 price, monday - friday from 11 am - 2 pm (with no limit to how many you can purchase)! instead of paying $9 + tax for a meal it’s $4.50 + tax! i’ve been stopping in about twice a week, during their lunch special time, to pick up a variety of their pre-prepped meals (they all have expiry dates on them, i make sure to get ones that aren’t close to their date so they last longer)! i found it’s been saving me some money and so much time (i spend a lot of time at the grocery store, cooking, and washing dishes by hand each week)!

i’m a numbers person, so let’s crunch the numbers:

i usually will spend, on average, between $75-$125 on groceries and eating out per week! my breakfasts are taken care of with my revive smoothies so all i’m really purchasing for those is almond milk, i usually go through a bottle of greenhouse juice almond milk a week (months worth of breakfast: $100 + ($9 x 4) = $136.00, about $4.50/day). i’ve been picking up 2 meals per day from village juice during their lunch special, with acception to when i have plans to go out (months worth of lunches and dinners: $4.50 x (30 x 2) = $270 x 0.90 (10% mall employee discount) = $243 x 1.13 (tax) = $274.59). in total this month i’ve spent $410.59 on food, which averages out to $102.65/week, and $13.69/day!

it’s been a blessing that this deal has been going on, if i crunch time and money the amount of time this has saved me has made me feel much more at ease with work picking up! this has taught me that it’s okay and i shouldn’t feel guilty purchasing quality, healthy meals to save myself time in busy seasons - sometimes i just can’t do it all and to give myself grace during times like this! i love these smoothies and village salads and sandwiches, it’s also given me inspiration for what i can create in my kitchen next!