happy 2 years sweet hart

today sweet hart kitchen celebrates their 2nd year in business. the kitchen specializes in plant-based, gluten-free, raw, baked and unbaked goods. they’re located in kensington market, near dundas and bathurst (next to toronto western hospital).

my first visit to sweet hart kitchen was in the summer with zaina. they have a really nice patio once the weather warms up, which i really enjoyed and they bake one of my favourite cookies: the everythang cookie!

after church, zaina and i walked to meet erica and smith to stop in to celebrate their anniversary, and to pick up some yummy treats! For their anniversary they were offering free cake and $1 coffee/tea all day! when zaina and i walked into the kitchen it was packed - they had a lot of people in to celebrate!

we each grabbed a free little donut/cake and got a pizza bun (they’re to die for! would highly recommend if you’re there and craving something savoury!), as an added bonus the buns were fresh out of the oven!


gabby met up with us in time to also snag a fresh pizza bun! we all enjoyed our treats, including smith - who also really enjoyed the balloons!

it was really nice to go after church to spend time with the girls and smith, grab a bite to eat, hang, and support a local business that makes some of the yummiest vegan treats around!