recently i’ve felt like i’ve been lacking adventure, especially when it comes to going out to eat… i tend to go to the same places week to week, so, when it came to gabby and i making plans, instead of the “you decide, i’m up for anything!” line i tend to use i decided to decide! gabby and i went to brodflour today to grab some coffee + brekky and hang!

brodflour opened up a few months ago in liberty village! i first noticed them on instagram. they serve fresh bread, an assortment of freshly baked goodies, toasts, coffee + hot drinks, and greenhouse juice!

a little bit about the company… brodflour focuses on baking everything fresh and making sure each of their products is packed with nutrients. they only source premium heritage canadian grain. they work closely with a few canadian farmers to source and cultivate the highest-quality crops in the country. they really stand by their grains, each certified organic plant is tested to make sure it meets carefully-set standards for quality, protein content, and moisture. once the grain is harvested it’s gently milled in their own certified organic stone mill. this means they mill and bake using fresh flour, keeping the nutrients and flavours intact. this reduces processing, which preserves the vitamins and minerals, so they don’t have to add anything extra to compensate for what’s missing… .talk about good quality food!

they offer a wide variety of breakfast and lunch options - luckily it didn’t take very long for gabby and i to decide what to order!

we both wanted to try the avo toast (what else is new!?) and the almond butter and saskatoon berry jam toast! both were supposed to come on rye but we wanted to try the sourdough too, so we ordered the ab + j toast on a thick slice of that! we both ordered a coffee too!

we each got a slice of the avo toast and half the ab + j toast!

i was truly impressed with how fresh everything tasted (they also use monogram coffee - one of my faves!) !


i can’t wait to go back and will definitely be picking up a loaf of bread to bring home!