new do!

i have been going to vern for about 2 years now, big thanks to erica for introducing me to this wonderful hair g.o.d. (she works out of g.o.d. salon diva, get it!?)… i put full trust in her when it comes to my hair! when i go see vern i give her free reign over my mane.

when it comes to recommendations, erica typically knows the best places for anything and everything! (i have yet to be disappointed - she’s got great taste at typically a reasonable price!)

i was in need of a spring refresh and vern was just the gal for the job! she knew what i wanted without me saying anything more!

she used a new technique where she teased my hair as she applied colour (she called them dimensional teasy lights)! she also used a new gloss product, which she applied at the end similar to how she would add a shadow root. - only this uses only my natural hair colour and is very hydrating!

after sitting in the chair for about 45 mins and a wonderful head massage + wash, i had my hair blown and styled! when vern revealed my hair to me i was in awe! i couldn’t be happier - or feel more refreshed!