new year... same goofy girls still taking mirror selfies...


i’m so lucky to ring in the new year with the gals who helped make this year an incredible one. incredible as it was, was also messy and painful. it was full of many wonderful lessons and immense growth! i’m so thankful and proud of how this year has shaped me and those around me... i can’t wait to see what this year brings!

looking back it’s easy for me too look at the “negatives”… empty promises made, managing to maintain a terrible work/life balance, losing my job, getting my first speeding ticket, watching money disappear from my bank account… i could go on… this is when i tend to spiral into feeling worthless, undeserving, inadequate, unlovable… which is completely ridiculous! i felt god speak to me when i was reflecting and listening to what he is calling my into for 2019. he reminded me of all that i have accomplished this year and i felt tears of joy begin to form, it’s rare for me to feel proud of myself! sure, i did face some crazy events… most of which i never expected to face at 23 (i constantly need to remind myself, i’m only 23!), but there we very incredible moments i want to share

  1. meeting c + e’s baby boy, smith, and getting to hold him when he was not even a day old

  2. spending many spontaneous days off going on adventures with zaina

  3. going to toronto island for the 1st (and several other) time(s)

  4. becoming the owner of my very own, brand new, 2019 volkswagen jetta

  5. going on a mission trip to uganda

  6. spending a weekend in ny with kris, sam & zoé, sharing a wellness weekend (needed)

  7. housesitting and looking after robbie while c + e + smithy guy spent the holidays in florida with their family (i dream of having a place of my own and owning a dog… goals for the future)

i’m not usually one for new years resolutions (i’m too much of a perfectionist so if i don’t keep at something i usually quit… not the best way to start the year haha). i prefer to create a list of things i hope to see, do, and accomplish in the year to come! this year i plan to keep it pretty simple and i couldn’t feel more motivated to work towards financial freedom, grow in relationship with jesus without feeling the pressure to be and act a certain way, work to improve physical fitness and diet! 2019… i’m ready!