my baptism #allin

july 15, 2018 marks the day i was baptized at c3 toronto! the day zaina was baptized & the day smith was dedicated! it was such a special day! 

leading up to my baptism, knowing zaina and i were going to be baptized together (on the same day) and how READY she felt to declare her love for jesus... i kept trying to talk myself out of it, not because i didn't feel ready but because i didn't feel worthy. there are too many times in my life where i look to others for approval & support in the decisions i make... i looked to far into past sin & hurt and tried to use them as reasons why i would not be worthy of being baptized. 


before i meet heather, erica + colin + smith & family, to sit in on 3rd service, ps gerry met with all of those being baptized & said one thing that stuck with me and gave me so much ease in my desicion, he said "anything you have telling to you're not worthy of this decision, leave it outside of the tank." those words were all i needed. i know god is walking with me and loves me and my decision to declare my love for him is special and i'm so excited to continue to walk with him! 


*note to self... jean shorts are very uncomfortable when wet! 

the day felt so special! i'm excited to walk with god in this season and every season to come!