bluboho babes staff party

i've been working at bluboho just over 4 months now! within that time i have been blessed with so many incredible opportunities: i began as a connector & quickly became maggie & cheryl's in-house designer, i designed our holiday postcards which were given to guests over the holidays, created assets (footer images, etc.) for web & our instagram, touched on product design & have recently been promoted to our queen st key holder! i wouldn;t be where i am today if it wasn't for the group of incredible, inspiring ladies i have the pleasure of working with each day. each of these women are so talented in their own, unique way. i must say... i'm most thankful for heather, if it wasn't for her giving me the kick (in the ass) that i needed to apply for my previous roll with bluboho i wouldn't be where i am today & i couldn't be happier!

sunday, january 28th, after each of our shops were closed, we all headed to batl axe throwing for an evening of throwing very sharp axes. it was great to have all of us together in one room (minus becca - she was in England). we had un celebrating every bullseye & miss! after our round adrienne & i took 1st & 2nd place... the final round was elimination, sabina ended up working her way up the ladder & taking the cake! 


after throwing we headed to lil' baci for dinner! it was an evening of beloved company, dangerous activity & good food - couldn;t have asked for more!

i can't wait to see what the next year will bring & where we will have our party in 2019!