glossier toronto pop-up

Glossier is in Toronto from September 8-14th!

Location: 1056 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON M6J 3B9

Hours: Friday to Thursday 12–8pm

Glossier is a NYC beauty brand inspired by girls. They believe “beauty” should be fun, easy, imperfect, and personal. It all started with a beauty blog back in 2010 called Into the Gloss. Now, in addition to the blog, they produce essential, easy-to-use skincare and minimal makeup products. 

I've been wanting to visit their showroom in New York for awhile now. I know they recently started shipping their products to Canada but I don't usually like to purchase skincare products without trying them first. The Glossier Toronto Pop-up was my opportunity to try before I buy... without flying to NY (I still plan to visit when I travel to NY in October)! 

I visited the pop-up on their opening day with my gfs, Erica and Katie! We didn't have to wait in line for very long to enter the shop! The outside of the building was well branded and on the inside there were tables well supplied with Glossier products. 


The girls and I enjoyed testing all of their products. I actually tried the Birthday Cake Balm Dotcom before. Erica owns it and I've wanted it since she had me try hers a couple weeks ago, so I knew I was going to purchase that before I entered the building. I also purchased the Lip Gloss, I loved that it gave my lips a nice subtle glossy look without making them feel sticky (the wind also blew my hair onto my lips and my hair didn't stick to it - I'd call that a winning gloss). I tried most of the products out and some of my favourites are: Priming Moisturizer Rich face cream, Generation G lip tint in Crush, and Boy Brow in brown. 

Erica purchased the Lip Gloss and Boy Brow, and Katie purchased the Wowder and the Wowder Brush

If you're like me and have been interested in Glossier and have wanted to test their products I would highly recommend head to the pop-up before it closes on the 14th!