kit + ace: muskoka

Working as an Educator at Kit + Ace I've been blessed with many opportunities, one being the ability to work at our Muskoka pop-up shop, located in Port Carling (Kit + Ace Port Carling - 7 James Bartleman Way #2, Port Carling, P0B 1J0). 

The shop sits right on the water above Grand Electric (well-known Toronto taco-house). It has a great deck, which is equipped with a ping pong table, beer and popsicle fridge, and a pair of Muskoka chairs - of course!

The company rents a cottage for the summer to host Leads and Educators who work the pop-up shop! When my Shop Director, Darryl, asked who would like the opportunity to work in Muskoka I couldn't say no! I grew up with a cottage on the lake and love any reason to visit... I mean who could say no to working up in Muskoka if it means you're right on the water, have free accommodations, and get to work with great people - slumber parties every night.

I'm so grateful I had the opportunity to work not only one, but two weekends up there. I first worked in June, the second weekend the shop was open, and I was up there this past weekend, the second last weekend the shop will be open. 

The shop is opened 11 am - 7 pm everyday except Tuesdays. Annie (Lead from our Oakville shop) has been working there the whole summer. This past weekend I joined Annie Friday morning and worked Friday thru Sunday. The Muskoka shop is much more relaxed, which is a nice change of pace for me, especially since I work at our Bloor location. My days were filled with creating brand awareness and educating guest on our clothing of course, but I also was able to spend a lot of time on our deck. I was so happy with how gorgeous and sunny the weather was. I really lucked out because it hasn't been the best summer weather-wise - cool and wet... I honestly can't remember the last time I actually sat outside and soaked up some rays. I managed to bike to and from work on Saturday, which I really enjoyed... I can't remember the last time I rode a bike either. The bike ride was only about 20 minutes one way and the hills were manageable, so not bad at all! My parents stopped in Saturday to take me out for lunch at Grand Electric, which was a nice treat (I love their chips and dip, and their colliflower tacos are incredible). I also got to spend some time with Judy from l'eau and the staff from Grand Electric and Frankies Surf Shop (thank you Darren for making my coffee every morning)!


Sad to say the shop will be closed after Labor Day! After spending some time in the Muskoka's this summer I hope to be up there much more next summer, whether it be for work or relaxing at a cottage - who knows!