why i finally started to blog

I’ve thought about starting a blog for years… but I kept letting the fear of not being an “original” blogger get in the way of creating one.

I read a book recently called Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, written by Elizabeth Gilbert (who is also the author of Eat Pray Love). The book is about living a creative life “that is driven more strongly by curiosity than by fear.” I believe experiencing fear is important, but one shouldn’t let fear paralyze them, it should motivate them. Mind you there are many things I’ve been wanting to try (start a blog, draw and paint again, ride a horse, play a guitar – to name a few), but too often I find myself not starting or trying any of these things because I fear I won’t be original or stand out. I love a point Elizabeth brought up in the book about being original vs being authentic. Being original means to be the originator (the source of cause) of something, where being authentic means to do something without masking your true self. At times, everything can seem like a popularity contest… who is the best lifestyle blogger, who wore it better, who’s photo gets the most likes on instagram… when it comes to expressing myself, the older I get I find the less I care what people think. The things I am doing, trying, or am passionate about may not be original and I might not be the originator of these things, like starting a blog, but I am doing it my way and that makes it authentic because no one’s blog will ever be exactly like my own. So…

Welcome to my blog! I hope you enjoy exploring my life, passions, explorations, and everything in between!