'tis the season

the christmas holidays are my favourite time of the year! everything is just so magical... the streets & houses are decorated with colourful lights, trees are cut/set up & decorated in homes, twinkling lights are strung in trees & above alleyways, the christmas market is running... I can go on forever!

with it being the season of giving, indulging, & spending quality time with friends & family, i want to share a few of my highlights + favourite things from my 2017 holiday season thus far...

wandering around the Toronto Christmas Market, in the distillery, walking around + checking out each of the shops & booths, sipping on Arvo's delicious hot drinks (love the hot lemonade) & vegan cookies: 


grabbing brunch + coffee with friends at Baddies:


attending C3's team christmas party (kid's team is the best team!!):


staring new christmas traditions... like spending christmas eve at Erica & Colin's having tea + cookies & making my parents a christmas morning brunch (Baddies inspired):


waking up to presents from santa on christmas morning (yes... i'm 22 years old!):


giving... although i love gift giving, i can't say i don't like receiving! i truly got spoiled by my friends & family this year! from my parents buying me blender i've dreamt of owning: the Vitamix A3500, to Erica & Colin surprising me with Moon Juice Brain dust (sold in the US) which i've been dying to test out in my morning smoothie bowls & everything in between! 


can't forget to mention watching the first snowfall, baking vegan goodies, skating at Nathan Phillips Square, watching Santa Clause 1, 2 & 3, Elf & The Grinch! I know everyone has different traditions this time of year, I hope whatever your favourite things & traditions are that you enjoyed taking part in them or created new traditions this year - most important is to be surround by loving friends + family! 

merry christmas to all! I wish you all the merriest holidays, filled with peace, love, joy & lots of time spent with family & friends!