new job love

I've recently been blessed with the opportunity to work at bluboho for Maggie & Cheryl. For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of meeting these beauties... you're really missing out! 

I got to the point where wasn't feeling stimulated or driven at kit + ace... I was pushed to sell not to grow! I knew I needed a change but I was comfortable (and we all know comfortable = easy)! I'm proud of myself for applying for the job back in October (shout out to heather for insisting: "you HAVE TO apply")!

I find I'm constantly asked "what do you want to do?"... "what's your end goal, career-wise?"... the best way I can summarize, or even begin to describe, what I want to do is be a designer! I want to create things (or something) for people! I have always loved art & design. One of my ways of expressing my thoughts & feelings to people is through various creative outlets: making cards, embroidering clothes, making friendship bracelets, knitting scarves, paintings, illustrating & printing, sowing garments or pillows... I can go on forever! So, I don't exactly know what I want to make or how I want to share or sell it, but that's what I want to do. 

*this does tie into my current job, I promise* 

I had been in bluboho a few times since the queen st location opened back in the summer of 2016! Usually when I would visit Carly, the shop manager, was working. I always loved to see her there, she was such a great person to talk too - she also had an incredible memory. Last winter I visited the shop to purchase a ring for myself: the opal aura. I was so thankful with the service I had received from Carly. When I picked up my ring (on my birthday) after it had been resized she snuck a lovely gift (stacking ring) in my bag! I was shocked and so thankful. I illustrated and mailed her a thank you card (me finding a way creatively express my thanks). To this day the card is on display in the shops back room. 

I have only been at bluboho for a few weeks but they have already put so much trust in me and have really pushed me creatively. I haven't had the chance to create something that has gone through to the final phase... production! I'm so happy to say that I am the creator of bluboho's 2017 holiday postcard.

Maggie & Cheryl proposed the idea to me, gave me some inspiration & told me what they wanted to include in the illustration! Other than those few loose requirements I had complete design freedom! I had so much fun hand sketching each of the illustrations before bringing them to life digitally in illustrator. below is the final design of the postcard, front & back!