return of riverdale

Riverdale returns to Netflix! To celebrate the premiere of season 2 various diners across Canada were transformed into Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe! The first episode of this season was released Thursday, October 12th and the pop-up event ran from the 12th-13th. The diners in Toronto that took part were Fran's Restaurant on College and The Lakeview Restaurant on Dundas West! 

My cousin Ashley, who also watches the show, and I decided to pop into Fran's to check it out! I'm sure you could imagine the length of the line to get into Pop's (Fran's), but my cousin and I were able to grab a milkshake and take a picture without waiting very long!


For waiting in line you received a free Betty (old fashioned vanilla) or Veronica (double chocolate) inspired milkshake, served in a Pop's plastic cup. I got Veronica's signature milkshake and Ashley got Betty's. For being free I was very impressed with how tasty they were! Although I love Veronica, my outfit was very Betty-inspired (because of my blonde hair). Ashley threw on Archies jacket to snap a picture with me. I thought it was great they set up a booth inside the diner for people to use props from the show (like Archie Andrews's letterman's jacket) to take pictures.

I was glad we went to the event... to be completely honest, I watched the season's premiere before heading to the event and it was more twisted and entertaining than I expected (no spoilers, I promise)! I really enjoyed watching the first season, so I'm looking forward to watching how the second unfolds!